What is so special about Surly Touring Bikes?

The Surly Disc Trucker touring bicycle has been a solid performer for over a period of ten years. The Trucker’s geometry is so relaxed, that will allow the bike frame to handle panniers comfortably.

On the other hand, chainstays are longer than many other touring bicycles, it is very important for both the bicycle’s stability and also for heel clearance from your pannier bags.

What is so special about Surly Touring Bikes?

Keep in mind that the things that make a cycling trip enjoyable and memorable depend a lot on how well the bike and the gear perform during your trip.

A trip needs a well-designed bicycle with proper fit, durability, comfort, and ample touring-specific features that can make the entire experience much more amusing on the road.

Are Surly Bikes good quality?

Surly bicycles are great for all sorts of practical and recreational biking. They are sturdy, well-made steel frames, useful and  affordable, which makes them especially well-known for custom builds

However Surly bicycles are affordable note that Surly bicycles are made of steel, and may even run heavier than similarly-priced competitors.

The surly line includes many solid, no-frills options that many of us can’t go wrong with. it’s a wise choice if you plan to ride your bicycle for many years.

It is important to know what to expect from the Surly bicycle and what you are willing (and able) to pay for it.

Surly Touring Bikes

Here are some of the popular Surly touring bicycles.

1. Surly Disc Trucker Bike

Surly disc trucker bike is one of the best touring bikes you can buy. When you are carrying a full load on your Surly LHT and are headed for mountainous terrain, you want the extra braking power on tap when you need it.

This bike can provide you with that. Surly disc trucker bike offers the same good features as the standard Long Haul Trucker bicycle.

However, it comes with disc brakes instead of rim brakes. No detail was very small when designing the Disc Trucker.

The bicycle caliper mount is placed between the chain and seat stays to give you enough clearance for various fender and rack options.

The good thing about this bike is it comes with Surly Truckstop Bar with a built-in riser for more hand positions and greater comfort for bikers

2. Surly Pack Rat Bike

The Pack Rat bicycle is designed around porteur-style racks and front-loading optimization, with a good front cargo-specific design to avoid steering problems.

The bicycle fork features internal routing for generator hubs and rear frame dropouts to accommodate multiple drivetrain configurations.

It is a good choice for loaded commutes and bicycle trips with a lighter load but it also rides fantastic when unloaded.


  • 650b wheels, with room for tires up to 650b x 48mm
  • Surly 8-pack Rack included with the complete bicycle.

3. Surly Bridge Club Bike

Surly bridge club bicycle is a highly versatile touring bicycle, the Bridge Club hits the sweet spot that separates on- and off-road excursions.

The simplistic design of this bicycle makes it fully adept to handle a full pannier and rack setup, frame bags, or even any combination of the two.

It does not feel sluggish on paved shortcuts but it can even hold its own on dirt detours. This Surly Bridge Club bicycle is designed to handle it all.

Two build kit options:

  • Pavement (700c) and Off-Road (27.5)

4. Surly Long Haul Trucker Bike

Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle is one of the most highly praised touring bicycles that are well-known. LHT offers dependability on the daily commute or trans-continental excursion.

A surly long haul trucker bicycle is designed to go the distance, and the rack mounts enable it to haul a bunch of stuff.

Bicycle steel frame tubing, long wheelbase, relaxed geometry, wide-range gearing along with an abundance of eyelets meet all the criteria of a good touring bicycle.

The Surly Long Haul Truck bicycle is truly unique and legendary. It has extra spare spokes mounted on the chainstay. It also has a low bottom bracket position for stability are two examples that a true touring aficionado will absolutely appreciate.

What is a Touring Bike Good For?

A touring bicycle is designed to ride for many days where you are carrying everything you need with you on the bike.

It can help you with your multi-days trip depending on the ride that you have planned.

A touring bike can help you to carry food, a tent, cooking gear, and multiple changes of clothes, including cold and wet weather gear.

Are Touring Bikes Slow?

Touring bicycles are not fast, this is because their design is usually not made for such purposes. They are designed for the all-terrain scenarios which prefer the comfort and reliability of the bicycle over anything else.


In conclusion, Surly produces good bicycles you can spend your money on. Keep in mind that touring is not about moving very fast, it’s about self-sufficient exploration, and it demands a bicycle like a surly bicycle that you can ride comfortably for hours on end while carrying a heavy load you need.