What is a Rear Rack Bike For? (Type of Rear)

A reak rack allows a rider to go further and also carry more load on your bicycle, it is a good addition to a bike tourer, commuter, or even a weekend rider.

You can strap items to the rack, it provides a stable framework to hold gear on your bike. Bags such as rack trunks and panniers can be simply attached to the rear rack.

What is a Rear Rack Bike For? (Type of Rear)

The rear bicycle rack can also be used for grocery shopping or even carrying children. It can carry 22 to 115 lbs (10 to 50 kg) but it can depend on the type and model of the rear.

How to install a rear on a bicycle?

Different Types of Rear

#Front Rack

There’s a front rack that offers an additional mounting spot for gear. Front racks are well-known mostly with touring cyclists who carry large volumes of gear.

A front-rear rack can add more weight to the bicycle’s front wheel and also affect steering and balance.

Two primary styles of front racks:

  • A standard rack: also known as a top-mount, maximizes gear capacity as the load can be carried above the bicycle’s front wheel as well as hung off the sides.
  • A low rider rack: It accepts bags only on the sides but holds that weight closer to the floor for good balance.

Bicycle front racks are designed to attach to the braze-on mounts on your bicycle. Most riders use front racks for serious commuting and long-distance touring

#Rear Rack

Bicycle rear racks usually carry loads between 20 and 50 lbs, but a few heavy-duty touring models are can carry up to 80 lbs.

These racks tend to have three supports per side, unlike others which have only two. Rear racks are designed to attach to the braze-on mounts that several bicycles have.

But your bicycle doesn’t have any braze-on mounts, you can use metal C clips to mount a rack, included with the mounting hardware of most racks.

These clips wrap around your bicycle’s frame tubes and also accept the lower mounting bolt.

#Bicycle Trailer for Cargo

A bike trailer for cargo is the best if you have lots of gear to haul because a trailer provides lots of storage space for carrying heavy loads in town or even on long-distance tours.

Cargo trailers usually attach to the rear hub of your bicycle. You can use the trailer on its own or even with front and rear racks, this depends on how much load you need to carry.

As for me, I prefer the feel of having the weight off of my bicycle frame, I choose to pull a trailer rather than carry everything on the front and rear racks, that feels great for me.

Can I put a rear rack on any bike?

The answer is NO because not all types of rear bicycle racks are fit for all bicycles. There are many types of rear racks depending on what kind of bicycle you are using, and also what activity you want to use them for.

Bicycles are different, some bicycle has disc brakes and that does not mean that a non-disc brake rear rack won’t fit your bicycle.

Keep in mind that disc brakes only interfere with rear rack installation then if the brake mechanism is directly above the eyelet where you do connect the rear rack to the bike (right next to the rear hub).

Is a rear bike rack worth it?

Of course, it is worth it when you want to carry large volumes of gear. You will need some way to easily carry more than just yourself.

A rear bike rack can do the trick, the rear rack is the best because it is the easiest and most effective way to carry things on your bike.

Your items can be strapped directly to the rack without any cover in a good weather condition, items such as bags, and more.

Can you put a basket on the front of a mountain bike?

Definitely Yes, you can install both a front and rear basket on an MTB (mountain bike), but if your bike has suspension, your available options diminishes are fantastic due to the support struts interfering with the work of the shocks.

You can put a basket on an MTB without much of a struggle at all. you can simply mount it at the front or on the rear rack of your MTB.

Are panniers better than baskets?

For those who don’t know panniers are bags, or boxes, carried in pairs attached to the sides of a motorcycle or bicycle.

A bike basket is a bicycle-mounted basket for carrying cargo, likely light cargo. They are generally used for light shopping duties such as fresh bread, milk, and more.

Benefits of pannier

The biggest advantage of panniers is watertight, meaning your items stay dry always. That’s the main benefit for touring cyclists who take frequent bicycle camping trips.

And on the other hand, the position of panniers, hanging down beside your bicycle rack, helps to lower the center of gravity and keep your bicycle steadier.

  • Panniers get the sweaty, heavy, rub-you-the-wrong way bag off your back.
  • Carry more weight, making it particularly useful for long hauls.
  • Panniers have a low center of gravity, stabilizing your bicycle

Benefits of basket

The basket makes your life easier because Instead of lugging things around in a bag, they take the weight off you and onto a bike basket, whose extra weight you’ll barely notice.

  • A basket provides easier access to your belongings.
  • Baskets make life simpler, Instead of lugging things around in a bag, they take the weight off you
  • Are very simple to install

Is it better to have a bike basket in front or back?

Keep in mind that front wheels are much stronger than rear wheels, meaning they can handle more weight than the rear wheel.

However, Front loads can affect the handling. Front baskets are fantastic for long commutes to quick errands. You can use any bag you want.


In conclusion, If there are no eyelets on your bicycle, you will need to add them to fit a standard bicycle rack, just simply use P-clamps.

But if you have not seen these before, probably they are a metal band that fits around a tube. Leaving an eyelet protruding to add fixings too.