Is Waterproof Bicycle Cover Good?

Sometimes you might find out that keeping your bicycle outside is the only choice you have, don’t worry, you still have some good options to keep your bike safe.

On the other hand, you might not need to clean it every time you get home.

You might leave your bike out all day or even overnight, you should protect it from the elements, with a heavy-duty waterproof bike cover.

Is it OK to leave the bike outside with a waterproof bicycle cover?

It will help you to make sure that, no matter how heavy the downpour, the water will never get through and reduce your bicycle’s life expectancy.

A bicycle cover is easily pulled over your bicycle to keep the worst of the weather off while it’s stored outside, your bike needs better protection.

Waterproof bike covers are cheap and can also be great for long-term storage, as they’ll keep dust and other debris out.

If you want to go out in the rain with your bike, whether you are riding it or not, you will at least want to invest in a saddlebag that is known as water-resistant.

Taking good care of your bicycle will help it to last longer than you expected.

Best Other Ways to Store Your Bike Outside

Here are some ways you can protect your bike from damage or thieves.

Bicycle Tents

Bicycle tents are another good storage for your bicycle, If you have a rack, floor stand, or kickstand, you could consider a to place your bike in a bicycling tent.

These are small, usually only slightly bigger than your bicycle, and even portable which is good if you need storage at home. However, whilst they do keep your bicycle out of sight, they provide a little else in the way of security.

Your bike needs protection and security no matter what budget you have available to you to avoid the damage that might be done by weather or before it gets stolen.

Bicycle Sheds

A bike shed can be good protection for your bicycle, actually, it is your secure outside storage solution if you don’t have a garage.

A bicycle shed will help to keep your bicycle out of view to avoid thieves and they are lockable and offer a good amount of security.

A bicycle shed can store more than one bicycle, and usually doesn’t take up too much space.

Which fabric is best for the bike cover?

You can purchase a Pivalo Durable Polyester Fabric Water Resistant Bike Body Cover that will help for rain, sun, dust, and Ice

Is it bad if your bike gets rained on?

If you park your bicycle in a place with a lot of rain or humidity is more likely to corrode faster. You might not see any damage when you leave your bicycle out for a couple of days even in the rain.

You usually see the damage after a week, most frames and components of modern bicycles will stand up to rain very well unless it has cheap steel cables ( not stainless), a steel frame, or cheap components.


In conclusion, bicycle waterproof covers are good storage for your bicycle, purchasing bike waterproof covers for your bike, you will have far less time and money on bicycle maintenance.

They can absolutely save your money in the long term and for all bike covers, waterproof qualities are essential. We recommend you also get one to avoid the damage if you leave your bike outside