How Do You Read A Trek WTU Serial Number?

You can simply read your bicycle serial number on the underside of the bicycle frame, close to the bottom bracket.

Just check a printed sticker containing a barcode, this sticker also contains a string of numbers and letters, and they are likely to start with WTU.

This full string of characters is your bicycle serial number, for example, WTU 123 AB 4567 C

How do you read a trek WTU serial number?

The first three digits after “WTU” illustrate the sequential date, the number of days from the start of the year, and the letter at the end of the serial number stand-in-for the model year.

The notice states that if the final letter is D, it shows 2009

How do I find my serial number?

Many people find it difficult to identify their bicycles serial number location especially when they are new to biking

Where are the serial numbers located?

Bicycle Trek frame serial numbers (SNs) are in most cases stamped into the bottom of the bottom bracket shell and In the case of some early 80s Treks bicycles, the number is directly below the plastic cable guide on the bottom of the shell.

Just remove the plastic cable guide to determine the number, and the other place Trek stamped the serial number is at the lower end of the bicycle seat tube.

Keep in mind that the serial number on your original sales receipt might not match the one on your bicycle because Salespersons had difficulty reading the numbers sometimes.

Several Trek bottom bracket shells have a one or two-letter code stamped apart from the SN. This was created by the person frame builder to mark her/his work.

Serialization Date

The dates coded within the bicycle serial numbers (SNs), or the dates inferred from the numbers, are dates on which the new bicycle frames were stamped with serial numbers (serialized).

These dates do not seem to be necessarily identical to the model year of the frame.

At some time late in every year, starting usually September or October, the bicycle frames produced were made from designs, and painted with colors, for the following year.

Trek SNs are usually hard to read?

Bicycle Trek serial numbers (SNs) are likely to be hard to read. Just clean the area very well, and use plenty of light at several angles.

It won’t be hard to read your bicycle serial number, here is how to do it properly:

  • Use candle wax of a color that contrasts with your bicycle to rub the area.
  • Lightly wipe it off a rag and the candle wax will remain in the indented area of the S/N

Now you can simply read your bicycle serial number clearly.

How do I tell what size my Trek bike is?

You can simply use your hands to determine the size. Measure the space from the fingertip of one hand to the fingertip of the opposite

This will provide you with your arm span, then subtract your height from this figure to simply get your Ape Index.

If your arm span is greater than your height then you should go for the larger size of the bicycle.

What does a bike frame number look like?

Bicycle frame numbers are generally six-twelve characters long codes, combining letters and numbers.

A modern standard frame number consists of two letters followed by seven digits, but this often varies, especially with older pieces.

Is a 26-inch bike good for what height?

Bicycles with 26-inch wheels are made for folks who are between a height of about five 5 to the smaller end of 6 feet.

If you are taller than that, meaning your bicycle must have larger tires and more space in length to fit you.

Is serial number important?

A Bike serial number (SN) is important because you never know what could happen. It can help you to find your bicycle when it is stolen or lost

You might think it is not important when you own a device tracker on your bicycle, but that’s sometimes not enough to keep your bicycle safe.

Most of the time when you want to track down your bicycle, you will have much better success by being able to tell your bicycle’s serial number to organizations that track down stolen bicycles and to your local police.

Don’t forget there are several bicycles out there that look so similar to yours, so knowing your SN is important, ever mind it looks unique and stands out in a crowd.

Why are bicycles stolen so often?

Keep in mind that some bicycle thieves don’t steal a bicycle in order to use it or even sell it as a whole.

Some want to disassemble the bicycle so that they can sell its parts and no one can spot your unique bicycle on the road.

But if you know your bike serial number, you can still track down the bicycle (or part of it) and this may help to bring bicycle thieves to justice.

Having the bike serial number is a must because your bicycle needs to be better identified so that it can be found simply


In conclusion, when you have just bought a new bicycle, the first thing you want to do is to take a ride, which is good but not safe for your bike

We advise you that before you do that, first find your bicycle’s serial number because is the most important feature of your bicycle.

Keep the serial number somewhere handy in case your bicycle goes missing.