See Through Bike Shorts (Well Explained)

Riding around with see though bike shorts can be embarrassing especially if you did not notice it in the first place, you will begin asking yourself questions like how many people have to see my privates?

In this article, we are going to explain why biker shorts are see-through and also give you solutions to that kind of embarrassment.

See Through Bike Shorts (Well Explained)

Why are my biker shorts see-through? there are several reasons for that, such as the fabric that made the shorts are low quality, they are too small or they are worn out.

In terms of colors bright (cream, white, nude) shorts are the number one see though bike shorts because they are made of very lightweight and breathable material

The quick solution is just to wear white underwear, then you are all set. But there are some things you need to know about bike shorts.

Options to hide see-through bike shorts

The best option is to simply wear white underwear or get new high-quality shorts that fit you. But you can wear shorts over your lycra, wear underwear under your lycra, or even wear baggies on a road bike.

If you haven’t bought a bike short yet, just choose dark color shorts because lighter ones are likely to show off your rear end. Make sure when you buy dark bike shorts that are not see-through.

What do you wear under your bike shorts?

You can wear underwear if your bike short does not have the chamois, then if it does no need for underwear. Wearing underwear with chamois adds seems that chafe and fabric that holds in moisture.

Chamois inside of your shorts is made to fit next to your skin to prevent chafing, and it’s built from fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly.

It is important to keep your Chamois clean by washing them regularly to remove bacteria produced by sweating

Do you wear undies with bike shorts?

Wearing bike shorts with undies is not a good idea because for some reasons such as most bike shorts have been designed to be worn without underwear for maximum comfort.

Cycling shorts usually have built-in padding (chamois) which is good for riders. Avoid wearing underwear with bike shorts because it will negate the benefits of the shorts, namely friction reduction, and moisture management just as we already said above.

Why do cyclists wear black shorts?

Dark bike shorts are the best-recommended bike shorts to avoid see-through on your shorts. However, being seen on the road is all about contrast and is important.

The colors you are wearing must contrast enough with the background to be visible but if you blend in, you are not so visible.

The main reason most bike shorts are black is to help to hide the inevitable dirt and grease stains that cyclist picks up on the road after a repair, but nowadays bikes are much more reliable and require less frequent repairs.

Are padded bike shorts worth it?

Padded bike shorts are worth it because they make cycling more comfortable and efficient, and help you ride faster and long-distance.

Biking shorts are really tight, if you are going to get serious about road riding, you need padded bike shorts.

Investing in padded bike shorts is worth it even if you are a casual cyclist because it will add an extra bit of comfort to your ride. Any cyclist can benefit from riding with a bit of extra cushion.

Are padded bike shorts better than padded seats?

From our experience, padded bike shorts are better than padded bike seats. Yes, padded bike seats are good for casual rides, however, after long rides, they will cause unwanted pressure.

The reason we go with padded bike shorts is that they provide padding in the right areas, keep you cool, moisture management, prevent chafing, and are also more energy-efficient.


In conclusion, also plus-size can wear biker shorts that are very comfortable and so flexible, and you can also get several colors on the plus-size biker shorts

Cyclists wear those shorts because they make cycling long distances much more comfortable. Decent-quality cycling shorts a chamois which is designed to offer cushioning and relief for your sensitive bits.