Is there a BMX Mountain Bike Hybrid?

If you are a fan of BMX and MTBs (mountain bikes) just like me, you are in the right place to know everything about BMX Moutain Bike Hybrid.

Yes, there are BMX mountain bike hybrids if that’s all you want to know but there are still lots you need to know about these two bikes’ combinations.

Is there a BMX Mountain Bike Hybrid?

These hybrid bicycles are for riders who want the toughness of MTBs while also enjoying the versatility of BMX bicycles to perform high jump stunts and tricks.

If you are looking for a BMX mountain bike hybrid there are some parts you should know about them before buying one including the frame, brakes, gears, front fork, top tube, chain retention device, suspension, wheel, and tires.

However, most BMX mountain bikes hybrid comes in a one-size-fits-all design.

What’s a Hybrid Bike?

A hybrid bicycle is a straight-handlebar bicycle that is designed to be sturdy and comfortable on roads and relatively smooth trails like towpaths or forest tracks.

Hybrid is the UK’s most well-known type of bicycle. Practical touches usually include mounts for luggage racks and mudguards, which make them a simple choice for town riding, light touring, and commuting.

What’s a Mountain Bike?

MTBs (Mountain bikes) have straight handlebars but their suspension, geometries, and huge tires are designed for grip and great handling on rougher off-road surfaces.

MTBs usually have a more stretched-out biking position for good handling and suspension on the front. Sometimes it has a rear to soak up impacts and improve stability.

MTBs family spans a wide range of bicycle types from cross-country MTBs to trail, enduro, and full downhill, with increasing amounts of suspension for increasingly rough terrain.

What are BMX Mountain Bike Hybrids?

BMX MTB hybrid bicycles also called dirt jump (DJ) bikes or mountain BMX bikes, are a special crossbreed with the combination of BMX and MTBs (mountain bikes). They are made for jumps and bumps on rough tracks.

BMX mountain hybrid bicycles usually contain a light frame with suspension, a single brake system, and fewer gears, these bicycles offer riders the durability and maneuverability needed in rugged terrains.

These bikes can go through high jumps, sharp turning, and hard landings. With BMX bicycles you can ride on smooth surfaces such as concrete and wood floors.

The manufacturers combined the tough and sturdy characteristics of a mountain bike with the lightweight and easy-to-handle features of BMX bicycles.

What are the BMX MTB Hybrid Bikes Parts


BMX mountain bike brakes only depend on the preferences of the riders, but many riders choose the standard V-brakes or U-brakes because are strong enough for immediate stops.

Professional dirt jump riders prefer using disc brakes only. The disadvantage of V-brakes and U-brakes is that they wear out pretty fast and may damage the rim of your bike.

Most hybrid bicycles are equipped with one brake at the rear and BMX riders go for brakeless because it allows them to rotate the handlebar 360 without stressing about the tangled brake cables.

But gyro brakes enable such rotation without the risk of riding brakeless. It is a new technology, they are available at most bicycle stores but they are more expensive.


Gears depend on the preference of the riders when it comes to the number of gears. When it comes to tradition is single gear hybrid bicycles because it lowers the headache of maintenance and chainring repair.

Many chainring models do not last long, but few MTB brands make a special 2-3 sprocket chainring that can even be used in mountain BMX bicycles.

It allows dirt jump riders to enjoy the variations of chain settings during different stunts. but also a chain guide on sprockets is necessary for multi-geared dirt jump bicycles to prevent chain slipping.

Front Fork

All parts of a hybrid bicycle are in the middle ground between BMX bicycles and MTBs. The front fork requires to face the difficulties of rocky tracks but not be too heavy to lift the bicycle.

Top Tube

Mountain BMX bicycles use long top tubes for great handling in the air and on the dirt pump tracks, unlike street bicycles with shorter top tubes.

Many brands offer standard-size top tubes, but tall riders may prefer longer top tubes for comfort.

The best way of sizing the top tube is by simply measuring the horizontal distance between the center of the seat tube and the center of the head tube.


The common built materials for many hybrid bicycle frames are Chromoly steel and aluminum. Chromoly steel is a lighter and more durable material used to produce high-end bike frames.

It’s a combination of aluminum, carbon, and titanium. The dimensions of all DJ (dirt jump) bicycle frames are likely similar.

The top tube is longer and is tilted towards the back wheel, this makes bicycles more stable in the air.

The handlebar is straight, offering great control and swift turning. This frame design is actually known as a slopestyle frame.

Chain Retention Device

Chain slipping is more common in dirt jump bicycles, that’s the reason a chain retention device is needed. For sure you don’t want your chain to drop off the cogs in the middle of a dirt jump.

It’s dangerous, in addition to creating a negative image of the biker. Just simply use a horizontal dropout chain tensioner that has a bolt-on rear axis.


Bike manufacturers provide a variety of suspension features for these BMX mountain bikes hybrid.

You can simply go without suspensions only if you are confident that the fork material can withstand the jolts.

However, it is recommended to use at least one suspension because hybrid bicycles have to go through much rougher conditions than BMX bicycles.

You can find both outer and inner suspension options in any market. We recommend using full-suspension bicycles rather than a hardtail if your riding style is a bit too much such as involving high jump stunts

Front suspensions and rear can make other parts of your bicycle last much longer, as most of the impacts are diffused

Wheel and Tires

This part of the dirt jump bicycle has to go through too much pressure and strain, the tires are normally much thicker than traditional BMX bicycles.

This unconventional width allows tires to endure harsh thumps by storing more air and the knobbly treads are much deeper than BMX bike tires, but not as much as in mountain bikes.

This gives them a great grip on irregular surfaces without compromising the acceleration rate. Wheel size is somewhere at the median between BMX bikes and Mountain bikes.

Mountain bike riders are likely to go for 27.5″ to 29″ size wheels, and the biggest size for BMX bicycles is 24″.

Hybrid bicycles, there’s only 26″ sized and that’s the reason why they are also called 26″ bikes. 

Know this about BMX MTB Hybrid Bikes

If you are looking for a hybrid bicycle, there are a few things that you need to know about them.

#1. Are not suitable for Long Distances: This is because their design is not comfortable for long-distance rides, and on the other hand, they are not equipped with suitable parts.

#2. Sturdiness: Terrains and bumpy surfaces are not an issue for Hybrid bicycles because are designed for them. Unlike regular bicycles cannot handle the rough and thuggish dirt tracks.

#3. Unique Geometry: If you ever get on a hybrid bicycle, you instantly feel the difference between these and MTBs.The reason behind this is the unique geometry and shape of these bicycles. They are actually small and low-slung with wide handlebars and short forks. BMX mountain bike hybrids provide the ability to jump but cross a range of terrain simultaneously

#4. Maneuverability: All riders need bicycles that are simply to roll, jump, turn, and land. The sort of stunts they do up in the air is out of the question with road bicycles or mountain bikes.


In conclusion, BMX mountain bikes hybrids are good bikes and are worth buying, however, they are not suitable for long-distance.

These bikes’ frame size and geometry are not comfortable for riding for long routines. You may be able to travel moderate distances with a multi-gear hybrid bicycle, but nothing compared to MTBs and road bicycles.