How To Pump Air In Bike Tire? (Helpful Tips)

You should always check your bike tires’ PSI because bike tires slowly leak air every day

It is important to know how to pump air into a bike tire in a good way because proper tire pressure will help your bike ride smoothly, roll quickly, and also avoid flats.

How To Pump Air In Bike Tire? (Helpful Tips)

How to pump air in bike tires? here’s a simple video that can help you do it really quick

Why can’t I pump air into my bike tire?

It is due to the valve pin, that a little pin in the valve has to be pressed down so that the air can get into the tire because if it is not pressed down enough, it won’t allow any air in.

The air can only get in when it is pressed down, if not, no matter how much you pump no air will get in. When you want to pump air in the bike tire make sure you press hard enough to fully seat the pump fitting onto the valve.

How much should I pump my bike tires?

Keep in mind that narrow bike tires need more air pressure than wide ones. Road bike, Hybrid bike, and MTB (mountain bike) should be inflated in a different PSI as follow:

  • Road tires generally require 80 to 130 psi (pounds per square inch)
  • Hybrid tires, 40 to 70 psi.
  • MTB(Mountain bike) tires, 25 to 35 psi
  • Cruiser bike tires,40 to 70 psi

Pumping your bike tire to be in great air pressure will help you ride comfortably

How do you inflate a bike tire without a needle?

You are going to inflate your bike tire manually, here is how to do it:

  • First, blow a small amount of air into the tire.
  • Then use your tongue to put pressure on the valve to keep it open.
  • And after you have inflated the tire a little, just stop and check if your bike tire is properly positioned on the rim.

How to Inflate your bike tire?

Inflating your bike tire depend on the type of valves your bike has, you either have a Schrader valve or a Presta valve.

Most bikes use Schrader valves which are almost universal on cars, motorcycles, and truck tires.

Once you know what type of valve your bike has, just ensure your bike pump is compatible with that type of valve. If your bike uses Presta valves you may need an additional adapter

You should determine the tire pressure need for your bike, to do that, just simply look at the sidewall of your bike tire to check the maximum and minimum recommended tire pressure, it is measured in psi.

You should not overinflate or underinflate your bike tire. For sure you already know the psi needed for different types of bikes since we have mentioned them above

Step 1

Unscrewing your valve depend on the type of the valve (Schrader valve and Presta valve), but both valves usually have plastic caps that you need to unscrew.

Note: Keep your bike tire cap somewhere you won’t lose it, or forget, like your back pocket because it is important to put it back on since it helps to keep dirt or debris out of the valve opening, which will end up damaging your tire tube.

  • If your bike uses a Schrader valve, unscrew the cap.
  • If your bike uses a Presta valve, just unscrew the lock nut in addition to removing the cap, turn the Presta valve many rotations to open the valve before you attach the pump.

Step 2

It is time to place the pump on the tire valve, there’s a hand pump and floor pump that you can use on your bike tire valves

  • Hand pump: is good for long distance cyclists, solo rider, or even regular bike commuter, it is a worh investimant. A
  • A floor pump: is a good choice if you want to store it in your garage and have it ready whenever you need to refill your bike tires at home. It has a higher capacity and can pump bike tires up to a max tire pressure of 160 psi.

Both pumps are likely to have two nozzle holes to fit both the Schrader valve and Presta valve. just simply place the pump on the valve by selecting the correct nozzle and pushing it onto the valve.

Step 3

Now since the pump is on the valve, you will need to rotete the pump lever if your pump have one since most of the pump have one and the instrutions of that you can check your specific pump.

Step 4

It time to inflate your bike tire, the pump is securely attached to the bike tire’s valve, it’s time to pump!

  • Floor pump: first put your feet on the sides and just start pumping with both hands.
  • Hand pump: you will need to use one hand to hold the nozzle onto the valve and the other hand to pump. Pump until you have reach the right air pressure for your bike tire.

Step 5

When you have reached the desire air pressure, its time to remove the pump from the valve. So if you had to pull up a pump lever (if uour pump have one), push the lever back down, then, pull the nozzle off of the tire valve.

Step 6

You might possible overinflated your bike psi then you just need to remove some air to reach the correct psi, here is how to do it.

  • Presta valve: with the lock nut open, press on the valve until enough air escapes to reach your good bike tire psi
  • Schrader valve: press on the valve with your fingernail until enough air escapes to reach your good bike tire psi

Step 7

Tme to close you valve, since Schrader valve and Presta valve are different you are going to go it differently. Now is time to use the plastic dust i hope you didn’t lost it

  • Presta valve: ensure to screw the lock nut closed and then put the valve cap back on.
  • Schrader valve: just put the valve cap back on the valve.

Does my bike have Presta or Schrader valves?

There’s a different between Schrader valve and Presta valve. Schrader valves are wider abd shorter that presta valve, you likely to see schrader on the car, truck and motorcycle tires.

Road bikes inner tubes and tubular use Presta valve and MTB (mountain bike) uses Schrader valves. Presta valves are lighter, slimmer, and having a lock nut to close that you can see on the top.


In conclusion, you can pump your bike tire at the gas station if you do not have a pressure gauge, just ask the station attendant for one. first inflate your bike tires to optimal pressure in short bursts.

Be carefull when using a gas-station air pump because it has very high pressure, and you run the risk of popping your tire.

A gas-station air pump will only fit a Schrader valve and most bike pumps work with Schrader valves. But if yourbike uses Presta valve you may need an additional adapter.