How Much Is A Dirt Bike? Dirt Bike Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a dirt bike, you may be wondering how much it cost. Prices vary depending on the make and model of the bike, but there are some general guidelines you can follow.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what factors affect the price of a dirt bike and how you can get the best deal possible. So, whether you’re just starting out or are in the market for an upgrade, read on for all the info you need on dirt bike prices.

How Much Is A Dirt Bike? Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Normally, dirt bikes start anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. However, some cheaper models can be found for less. Higher-end bikes range from about $4,000 to as much as you want to spend. The reason they have such price differences is that there are factors like branding, the type of dirt bike, maintenance, and more.

In order to know what price your ideal dirt bike is, you need to know some of these factors

What factors go into the cost of a dirt bike?

As I have already explained to you that dirt bike prices range a lot and it has to do with the following:

The brand of the bike

As you see with cars, different brands command a different price so with bikes it is similar. BMW costs more than a Honda dirt bike the same as a Ferrari costs more than a Hyundai  Car.

The reason is they have already built themselves up as a premium maker and have higher standards which cost money to manufacture for. This means that a cheap bike from a well-known brand can be as much as a slightly more expensive bike from a not-so-famous brand.

Is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke bike

2 Stroke dirt bikes are the cheaper of the two because they have fewer moving parts and require less engine maintenance. They also use oil mixed with gasoline which enables them to mix oil into the fuel which helps lubricate the engine.

This, in turn, reduces friction and wear on your engine. They are also cheaper to maintain because you do not have to service them as often due to their simplicity.

However, unfortunately, they are noisier than 4 Stroke dirt bikes and emit more pollution for the environment because they are not as fuel-efficient.

What is the market like

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a bad year for bike sales. And this means that if the bike is well known and has good repute then there will be people who want it regardless of whether or not it’s a recession or boom year.

However, if you are looking at a new bike then there will be more of that model on the market which can lower its value.

And with that, it’s worth bearing in mind that the general rule is the newer the bike, the more expensive it will be because its value has not yet taken into account any drop in demand.

How much maintenance it will need

Sometimes the cheaper bikes can be more expensive than they at first seem because you will have to spend even more money on maintenance.

It pays to look at a bike’s track record and find out how many owners it has had as that can also give you an idea of its quality, good or bad.

Remember that motorcycles are essentially very simple machines and the more moving parts it has, the more areas where something can break down.

how much will the insurance cost

It’s a sad fact that bikes are one of the most stolen vehicles out there. However, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent this from happening such as parking in a secure garage or investing in alarms and immobilizers.

Even the best-kept bike will not be safe if it is stolen so make sure you take out enough insurance to cover its replacement cost.

The materials used to manufacture

This one is pretty obvious, but since aluminum alloy has become very popular for making frames because of how light they are it means that bikes made with other materials can be cheaper.

And, on the other hand, some manufacturers sell bikes made with expensive materials at a lower price because they want to attract customers looking for higher performance models.

The key is to balance what you are willing to spend with what type of dirt bike you want.

It may sound easy enough but it can be difficult especially if this is your first bike. So, for that reason, it is always advisable to shop around and find the best deal you can in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Common Parts on dirt bikes that can affect the price tag?

There are some parts on a dirt bike that greatly affect the actual price of the dirt bike, and some of them include:

The engine

The type of engine your dirt bike has will greatly affect the price range of your bike.

The more horsepower it has, or in other words, the better the engine is the more expensive it will be.

Most dirt bikes have a four-stroke engine, and if you get any type of two-stroke engine then its value will also increase because not many people want them anymore.


The size of your wheels greatly affects the price range as well. If you have smaller wheels then it will cost less money because they are mostly used on kids’ bikes, and as such, there is a large supply of them in the market.

The larger your wheels also mean that you can go faster and it could affect the overall price range.


The brake system is usually quite complicated on a dirt bike, and the better the brakes are, the more expensive it will be because of their improved performance.

You may not care about how well your brake works if you only plan on using it for basic fun, but if you plan to take your bike onto dangerous terrain or just generally use it aggressively then you should look for an expensive bike.


The suspension system greatly affects the price range because it makes your ride much more comfortable and also lowers the chance of injury.

If you take your dirt bike off-road then it’s worth investing in a good shock absorber to make sure that all the bumps are taken away from your ride. Front fork

The front fork is the part of the bike that holds up your wheel and it usually has telescopic suspension in order to make the ride more comfortable for you.

If you plan on using your dirt bike very often and in rough conditions then this will definitely be a good area to invest in.

How can I afford a dirt bike?

Sometimes we cannot afford what we really want and this means that we have to pull some strings just to be able to afford it. For example, most teenagers are not working full-time jobs so they cannot afford to buy an expensive dirt bike because it is too much for them.

However, there are some solutions you can try if you really want to get your hands on a dirt bike but don’t have enough money for it:

  • Ask a dealer for used dirt bikes
  • Look for those end of year sales
  • Don’t look for high-end dirt bike
  • Do a little bit of research on eBay, or Craig’s list

Ask a dealer for used dirt bikes – Sometimes getting a second-hand dirt bike is a great idea because you can get your hands on good dirt bikes for cheaper prices. In addition, the people who sell them are usually looking to upgrade so they will be willing to give you a pretty good deal on it.

Look for those end-of-year sales – If you have some money saved up then you should wait until the end of the year because most bike shops will slash their prices in order to get rid of the old stock which means that you can save some money.

Don’t look for a high-end dirt bike – If you are new to this hobby, then do not go straight away for the most expensive ones. Instead, start with something cheap so you can learn your way around and if you really like it then you can save up some more money for a better bike.

Do a little bit of research on eBay, or Craig’s list – Sometimes these options can be great because sometimes people post their dirt bikes online and sell them to anyone who is willing to pay for them. However, before you go out and buy your dirt bike from a website, you should do some research on it in order to make sure that you are not being ripped off.

Best affordable dirt bike brands you should check out

  • Yamaha dirt bike
  • Suzuki dirt bike
  • KTM dirt bike
  • Honda dirt bike
  • Husqvarna dirt bike
  • hyosung dirt bike

Yamaha dirt bike

These are some of the best dirt bikes you can find on the market and they are known to be durable, easy to use and their parts are easily available if anything goes wrong. They come in a great range of colors so you may want to take your time picking one that suits your style.

Suzuki dirt bike

Today, Suzuki has several dirt bikes for you to choose from and they are known for having inexpensive parts that can be purchased online if anything goes wrong with the bike. They are also designed very well so you never have to worry about riding them.

KTM dirt bike

These bikes come in a range of styles, prices, and colors but they are generally used by professionals because they are easy to use and very comfortable to ride. They are known for having great suspensions which make them perfect if you want to go off-road.

Honda dirt bike

You can choose between several colors when it comes to this bike but they usually come in black, blue or red. If you like cruising around town then this is the right bike for you because they are comfortable, easy to ride and they won’t cost you a fortune if anything goes wrong.

Husqvarna dirt bike

These bikes come in some great colors but the most popular ones are orange or green. They also have telescopic suspensions which means that your rides will be more comfortable than ever before. Their price is fair and you can also find plenty of aftermarket parts and accessories for these dirt bikes.

hyosung dirt bike

This is a relatively new company but they have managed to create some great dirt bikes for you to choose from. They are known for their durability so if you are looking for an affordable dirt bike that will last, then this should be your first choice.


If you are looking for dirt bikes, then you should start with these brands because they are the best ones out there. They may cost a little bit more than some of their competitors but they will offer you great features and they will last for many years to come without any major problems at all.

Additionally, you should not focus on the price alone because sometimes spending a little bit more money can ensure that your dirt bike will last much longer than an inexpensive model.