Can I Put Drop Bars On My Mountain Bike? (Explained)

You are absolutely free to put drop bars on your mountain bike because all bikes were designed for use with drop bars. MTB drop-bars are one of the popular manifestations.

Drops can be slapped on any MTBs, many riders show that drop bars on mountain bikes are comfortable and efficient, on the other hand, they are favored among Tour Dividers

Nowadays, several drop-bar bikes are absolutely designed to be versatile, with the ability to swap svelte road or gravel tires for bigger knobby ones.

Can I Put Drop Bars On My Mountain Bike? (Explained)

Are Drop Bars Worth It?

People who ride at an average speed of over 15-20 miles per hour and those who face headwinds benefits a lot from the aerodynamic advantages drop bars provide.

Drop bars are extremely good for long-distance on-road riding where you don’t need to brake or even turn many times

The other point of putting drop bars, they will give you a perfect hand position that results in superior comfort. Drop bars give you an aerodynamic advantage over flat bars.

Drop Bars on MTBs

Many MTBs have a geometry with a much longer reach, and generally don’t really fit as well with drop bars, but some of these MTBs have road bike characteristics such as:

  • Shorter wheelbase
  • 68mm bottom bracket shell
  • Road drivetrain or brakes
  • Tires labeled 700c


What Are The Advantages Of Drop Bars on a Bike?

Drop bars will allow you to reduce drag and crouch down which helps to increase speed and efficiency. This comes in handy when you are riding along a flat section, descending a hill, or riding into the wind

Why Do Gravel Bikes Use Drop Bars?

Most gravel bikes have drop bars for control and stability, drop bars are boasted as being wider with flared drops, providing the rider with natural positioning

When you keep your hands in the drops, you are can maneuver through any type of harsh terrain with greater control and you can do so with better leverage on descents and climbs

How Do You Set Up Gravel Drop Bars?

Ensure that on drop handlebars, the ends must angle downward 5 to 10 degrees. This will flatten the part of the bar behind the brake levers and turn it into a comfortable and good place to put your hands nice.

Some people rotate the bar up, so that the ends aim upward, never do that.

How Do You Handle a Drop Bar?

There are three hand positions that many people use on a drop bar:

1) On The Drops: This position is most suitable for more aerodynamic body positions, and athletic efforts. It is simple to reach brakes and shifters but depending on your setup.

This position is generally used for an aggressive position or descending long hills because it is less stable. It is used for maybe ten percent or less of many riders’ mileage

2) On The Tops: This position is generally used in situations where you are certain of the road conditions, traffic, and other hazards or when going at an easy pace because it allows a comfortable alternative position for more relaxed riding.

You can’t reach the brakes or shifters from this position without moving your hands. It is less stable because of a narrower hand position. Many riders use it as a cool-down position for ten percent or so of their mileage

3) On The Hoods: In this position, many riders speed 70-90 percent of their miles. It allows you to reach the brakes and shifters without moving your hands. It allows a comfortable body position and a fairly upright

Why Do Road Bikes Have Drop Bars?

Drop bars are needed on road bikes because the further you bend over your handlebar, the more pressure and weight you place on your hands.

On-road bikes this pressure is fairly constant due to you’re bent over the bar almost constantly. But road bikes have a dropped handlebar that permits your hands a range of positions, which helps relieve pressure


Why Does Cyclocross Use Drop Bars?

They use drop bars because of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) which has a strict rule for keeping the width of the cyclocross bicycle under 50cm.

This requirement of UCI alone eliminates the chances of implementing flat or riser handlebars while preserving their full functionality

Are Flared Drop Bars Comfortable?

The flared design offers a more natural hand position making long days within the saddle that tiny bit more comfortable.

The broader shape leaves too much space within the center for a bar bag and allows more steering control due to the additional leverage

Are Drop Bars Good For The Back?

Riding in drop handlebars for long periods can hyperextend the neck, and increase the load on the shoulders and arms.

Riding for a long time is likely to result in neck and upper back pain. To avoid these kinds of pains you can adjust your bike’s seat position and footrests so that you are not straining your body to reach the handlebars or ground.

What You Need To Know About Drop Bars

Decent the basic drop handlebars price starts around $20 to $40 and uses various alloys. But they do not transfer power just like the expensive drop bars and add a tiny more weight.

Drop bars were developed to facilitate aerodynamic riding positions, allowing for more relaxed positions when the rider wants them

Drop bars offer excellent leverage for climbing hills and sprinting when the rider desire to stand up and hold on to the brake hoods to achieve maximum pushing power from the legs.