What’s the point of a Bike For Two? (Tandem Bicycle)

Tandem bicycles are the best bikes to ride with your friend or someone you want to ride with. They are a famous tool for bringing people together while riding.

If you love riding with someone, a tandem bicycle ride will be way more fun than a solo bike trip. This kind of bicycle is designed to be ridden by more than one person.

What's the point of a Bike For Two? (Tandem Bicycle)

There are different styles and types of bicycles for different purposes such as recumbent tandems, basic tandems, tandem road bikes, and three-wheeled tandems

Types of Tandem Bikes

A tandem lets more than two riders of different abilities ride together without anyone getting left behind. It’s actually ideal for an adult and children.

Types of Tandem Bikes
The Twinny tandem A bike on which two adults sit behind each other.
The Kivo On which a companion and a child sit one behind the other.
The Twinny and the Kivo You can also get this one with two rear wheels as a three-wheel tandem (the Twinny Plus and the Kivo Plus).
A tricycle tandem, the Fun2Go This is a side-by-side tandem bike on which the users sit next to each other.

A Tandem bike is one of the most visually distinct bicycles on the market, they are a unique option for those who enjoy cycling together.

Tandems are efficient, fast, and fun to ride, they work great for bike touring as well as recreational riding

Are tandem bikes worth it?

The advantage of this kind of bicycle built for two or more will enable cyclists of different fitness to ride together, and also can even give you get an extra turn of speed compared to solo bicycles.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of tandem bicycles to know whether are they worth it or not.

Tandem Bike Pro’s

In terms of benefits, the tandem bicycle has speed and power.

Tandem Bike Pros

1. You can carry more cargo and few people and as for seniors, the advantage is the upright position
2. It’s a cinch to load a passenger and get them on, and on the other hand, it’s easier to maneuver for just one person.
3. The bicycle ride can be more intense because you have two people pedaling at the same time, unlike the regular bicycle.
4. On a tandem bike riders are usually long enough to have a comfortable seat while they pedal.
5. Tandem bikes offer a safe and fun way to explore the great outdoors.
6. Tandem bikes are a great way for more than one person to pedal together.  Tandem bicycles can be used for exercise.
7. You can be able to ride with your partner or another couple, or go on group tours
8. Tandem bicycle riding provides a great cardio workout that’s social at the same time.
9. Tandem bicycles make it possible for inexperienced riders to experience the thrill of biking because their tandem partner does all of the steering and braking.
10. Tandem bikes require less skill than you would need for riding a regular bicycle. So it is perfect for new riders with disabilities that can’t ride an individual bicycle

Tandem Bicycle Con’s

Tandem Bicycle Con’s
1. It takes up more room on the street and You are also relying on another rider skill of another skill
2. It’s more physically demanding, on rough roads are slow going, it’s harder to carry cargo and slower, and on the other hand, you don’t get spontaneity
3. There is not much evidence that tandem bicycles are any more or less safe than riding single-seat.
4. Bicycle assembly and maintenance require more care
5. Riders must be more cautious. It’s simpler to topple over when the bicycle is so close to the ground.
6. It’s hard to take on a plane because roads are usually not smooth. You have to re-learn cycling, you will not get solitude.
7. Tandem bicycle spare parts are more expensive.

Is it hard to ride a tandem bicycle?

That can depend on a person to person because for some riders it might be as simple just like riding a regular bicycle but for some riders, it might need some time and practice to get used to the tandem bike.

Most of our audience report that riding a tandem bicycle is simpler than riding a regular bicycle.

The other thing is that no need for both people to know how to ride, actually, the stoker doesn’t need to know how to ride a bicycle.

Can one person ride a tandem bike?

Definitely, some people enjoy riding alone although it is designed for more than one person. They report that Riding tandem alone is easier than riding with a stoker if they are not used to this kind of bicycle. But it seems like is hard because it is a big long heavy bicycle.

A Tandem bicycle is designed for more than one person meaning it requires teamwork, however, the front rider which is the captain does all the steering and braking.

Do tandem bikes have gears?

The answer is YES, tandem bicycle gearing is much like a regular bicycle. A tandem’s gearing is much like a solo bike’s, except that the range ought to be greater.

A tandem bicycle needs gears that go as low as an MTBs (mountain bikes).

It’s harder to pedal to get uphill as efficiently as a regular bicycle, and pedaling while sitting down you will need lower gears, therefore, a balance must be struck.

Most tandem bicycles need lots of top-end gears. Road tandem bicycle needs more top-end gears than off-road and loaded touring tandem bicycle due to their high power-to-weight figure.

Who should ride in front on a tandem bike?

The person who should ride in front is called the captain then the second person is called the stoker. These positions are determined by weight and size.

If both of you are good riders, the bigger, heavier person (rider) must be the captain to steer and stabilize the bicycle.

How do you get on a tandem bike?

Getting on a tandem bicycle is easier than you think, let’s get started

  • Just straddle the bicycle, holding the handlebars with brakes locked. Both feet on the ground (feet wide apart).
  • The captain should not try to sit on the saddle of the bike but the stoker should be seated on the bicycle (make sure both feet are on the pedals, holding onto the bars).

Or you can follow these instructions to get on the tandem bicycle nice and easy.


A Tandem bicycle is a romantic bicycle almost every couple needs to experience in their relationship goals. Tandem bikes are more popular with couples who wanted to spend time together or even with friends.

Tandem bicycles are fast, stokers can add to power output on a bicycle without adding significantly to wind resistance.